To Rosie

Dear Rosie,

you were one of the few people in the Sims community who I regularly communicated with about other topics than the game. You were a sweet, generous, brave and honest person, and one of the pillars of the whole community. May you rest in peace wherever you are now ...
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PT: Simplicist's Evan Laroux

And another family featuring one of simplicist 's sims. There are quite a few more to come since I grabbed about every sim she ever uploaded, and since I was a faithful reader of her legacies I really wanted her hilarious sims in my game, too.

Evan was the spouse of Johanna, one heiress of generation 39. When she died in a fire while playing with that stupid train from Freetime he married Florence, a spare of the same generation. But those two wives weren't enough for him - when he was married to Florence he also had an affair with his late wife's sister, Judit.

Evan Laroux by [info]simplicist 

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PT: Dothesmustle's Founder Challenge 1 Sim

When the first Founder Challenge at legacy_writers  started in November 2007 a whole number of legacies suddenly appeared in the legacy communities, and they all featured a male sim by dothesmustle  with red hair, green eyes and elf ears. I didn't participate in that challenge, but I wanted to give him a home as well, so he was allowed to marry Xoana, one of my heirs of generation 36. They only had one child because Xoana had quite a few affairs and was knocked up by other men all the time. :( He also died early, but I'm afraid I don't remember what killed him.

Leo Romance by [info]dothesmustle 

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