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PT: Simplicist's Evan Laroux

And another family featuring one of simplicist 's sims. There are quite a few more to come since I grabbed about every sim she ever uploaded, and since I was a faithful reader of her legacies I really wanted her hilarious sims in my game, too.

Evan was the spouse of Johanna, one heiress of generation 39. When she died in a fire while playing with that stupid train from Freetime he married Florence, a spare of the same generation. But those two wives weren't enough for him - when he was married to Florence he also had an affair with his late wife's sister, Judit.

Evan Laroux by [info]simplicist 

Johanna Larsen (Heir of generation 39)

Florence Stanley (Spare of generation 39)

Judit Larsen (Heir of generation 39)

Evan and his first wife Johanna had two adorable kids:

Laurent Laroux

Liliane Laroux

His second wife Florence gave birth to three more of his kids:

Lucien Laroux

Lucille Laroux

Léonard Laroux

Other men would have been busy enough with those five kids, but not Evan. He even had the time to knock up his former sister-in-law Judit with twins that can't deny their father ... ;)

Kendra Dunn

Kenneth Dunn

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