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PT: Simplicist's Cecelia Laroux

OK, I lied. Obviously every single sim I ever used in my game was by simplicist . Cecelia, the founder of her Laroux legacy, married Yered, heir of generation 44, and had four kids with him. Since one man wasn't enough for her Cecelia also had an affair with Walter who was 17 years younger than her. :O

Cecelia Laroux by [info]simplicist 

Yered Francis (Heir of generation 44)

Walter Steele (Spare of generation 42)

Cecelia and her husband Yered led a happy life with two sons and two daughters.

Dominic Francis

Donny Francis

Daisy Francis

Desirée Francis

9 years after Desirée's birth Cecelia was knocked up by her affair Walter, and this time she expected twins!

Derek Francis

Darren Francis

Tags: pixel_trade, sims

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